Who We Are
weTHINK Compliance was born with a vision to create an encompassing product compliance roadmap that is easy to navigate, as we understand the importance of getting it right at the outset.

We know how vital a deep understanding of broad local regulations is and how easy it is to miss a step, a document, a local test requirement or even a whole certification scheme in the increasingly complex and ever-changing product compliance world.

That is why we make it our mission to be a beacon of knowledge, reliability and transparency to our customers for every local market they choose to bring their product into.

Our easy to navigate roadmap offers an integrated solution for a range of services including initial research for emerging or proprietary technologies, consultations and seminars on local regulatory requirements, or getting your product straight through weTHINK Compliance Roadmap. We PLAN, EXECUTE and MAINTAIN compliance of your product in any of the local markets we cover.

Each member of our team aligns with our mission and is a true connoisseur in their field, making complex things simple to understand, enabling us to tailor the most beneficial strategy for every homologation process we are entrusted with.
What We Specialise In

We specialise in most electrical, electronic and communication equipment in supported regions that are covered by national regulations similar or equivalent to EU:

Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)

Health & Safety Directives
Restrictive Use of Hazardous Equipment Directive (RoHS)

Energy Efficiency Directive
ATEX Directive (for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres only)

Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)
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