Product Compliance
Product compliance of electrical, electronic and communication equipment is an essential requirement that touches on every aspect of the product life cycle – from concept to retirement and everything in between in any given market.

Complexity of regulatory requirements varies significantly across the Globe. There are countries that align partly or fully with well-established CE, FCC/ISED or AU/NZ standards and regulations, whereas others would either have equivalent local requirements with some deviations or bespoke requirements altogether, presenting a challenge if not considered at the outset of the product development.

That is why at weTHINK Compliance we only speak diligent project management that besides EXECUTION will always include PLANING and post-compliance MAINTANANCE, which are omnipresent functions of every homologation project we take on board.
Comprehensive regulatory assessment
of the product
Product post-compliance consultancy and services
Product pre-compliance
  • Communication equipment (RF & Telecom).
  • Equipment with encryption or cryptographic functions.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • Low voltage equipment (Safety).
  • Restrictive use of hazardous equipment (RoHS).
  • Energy efficiency (EE).
  • Measuring Instruments (MID).
  • Equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX / Ex).
Product certification
(Type Approval)
In the following main areas:

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