Intel, Research & Lobbying
Like time, technology, and regulatory framework surrounding them, do not stand still. A wide range of new technologies and use cases emerge with a significant speed on EU and international levels, whereas national approaches may fall behind by being critical or slow in adopting required regulatory framework, preventing manufacturers from accessing the market.

To advocate for new regulations or the opposite - to push back on proposed changes - can often set manufacturers back, leaving them stranded and isolated due to barriers and/or peculiarities of the local market.

Understanding this challenge, weTHINK Compliance offers a wide range of international intelligence and research services to address the need of manu facturers to be connected not only to the PRESENT, but also to the FUTURE of targeted regulatory industry within any given local market.
What We Can Do For You?
International Research and data acquisition for emerging and proprietary technologies.
Consultancy Services & Training on national or regional product compliance requirements.
Bespoke analysis and impact reporting on regulatory changes.
Lobbying for new regulations, changes to regulations and much more.
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